Every once in a while I host workshops about around the body and mind. The workshops are a combination of knowledge and practice.

Mostly the workshops contain a yoga practice, breath work, meditation and information about the subject. 

Why is it called a workshop and not just a yoga/meditation practice? Because we will give information about the subject like, Ayurveda and happiness. The practice will be a special practice that focusses on this subject. We will also teach you how to bring this into your daily life.

For example with our happiness workshop we will do a meditation session, in this session we do a special breathing practise before we start to meditate. We give you some tools to help you to make your meditation deeper. Give you tips when to do a meditation, and hopefully support you in this way to start this at home. After the workshop we share some videos that you can use to continue at home with the meditation and breath work.

Keep your eyes on this page to see the next workshops.