Rosies 5 days Home Retreat | 12 – 16 Aug 

In this 5 days home retreat we will work with the different elements. Earth/Water/Fire/Air. In this home retreat each day we work with a different element. Earth element to feel grounded strong and steady. Water element to connect with your dreams you intuition and the things you want to attract. Fire element to burn old emotions and get into your power and let your inner fire awake. Last but not least the air element, your prana, breathe, and movement, the energy that makes you feel light in your body and mind.

In this retreat I will give you a daily morning routine, something to bring into your daily life. Each day you receive an email with a link to that days program. Containing: A morning routine, morning drink recipe, morning movement, morning meditation, a happiness taks for that day to help you to let go old emotions and to attract new things, evening routine, healthy recipes. 

Why do we work with the 4 elements? Knowing your element, can give clarity to what you need to feel good, and to balance yourself💗I created a program in which we will focus on changing your mindset. Learning to listen to your body. Give your emotions place to let them go and to help you to feel more positive. Cause the only thing you can change is yourself.

Morning Routine: time to wake up / special drink to get your body started / etc
Morning Movement can change between: yoga / dance / workout.
Meditation Videos: meditation / breath work / visualisation meditation
Happiness Tasks: write your dreams/ write a letter to someone / and more which I will keep as a surprise
Healthy recipes: some delicious recipes
Music: sometimes a song for that day
Evening Routine:

A program created for a happy mind, a home retreat that you can follow next to your job, family. You can decide yourself if you do everything or you just do parts.

Cause a happy mind makes a happy body. And when you feel happy with yourself you will attract love and whatever you want. 

So… Are you ready for this change? Are you ready to feel good in your body? To be proud on who you are?

Home Retreat Costs: €34,95,- 

Next date: 12 Aug – 16 Aug

If you want to book, or have any questions. Please do this through the reservation.

If that’s a yes, join my 5 days home retreat, a retreat that you can do from your house, next to your job/family. 
This retreat will contain daily:

Daily work-out practice | 30-45 minutes
(yoga flows, workouts)
Daily meditation routine | 10-15 minutes
(you will learn a meditation routine that you will 

Information about the 4 elements
Daily new element with the information about the element and practice
Morning routine 
Evening routine
Squat challenge
Happiness exercises