Quarantaine Home retreat | 14 – 18 October

We are in this together

5 day Free Home Retreat
Release Anxiety & Positive | 14 – 18 October

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5 day Free Retreat | 14 – 18 October

The retreat is free and you can do this from your home. Soon you will receive my first email with information. Daily you receive an email with a link to a page with your home retreat day. This page will contain, yoga, exercises, little messages, mediation. To connect with the positive. If you start to focus on the good the good gets better. Let’s help each other to stay sane in this crazy period. Also, to remember, you are not alone. We are in this together. So join from your house. Share this with friends/family that you know that would love this or needs this, and do the retreat together in your own quarantaine. Let’s spread the love and stay positive!