Moon Ritual

Attract & Release

Each full moon has a different effect and also different powers. When I lived in Bali I learned to love the moon and the rituals around it. Instead of focusing on the negative side :” the not sleeping part” I started to use the moons power.

The full moon to release, the new moon to attract. The days before and the night of the full moon there is a lot of energy in the sky. This is something you can use. Therefore this is the moment to connect with your desires, the things you want to attract and release. It is beautiful to take time for this and make dreams reality.

Where we focus more on releasing with the full moon we focus more on attracting dreams with the new moon. NEW things: dreams, wishes, desires.

Also, did you know the moon is feminine and we can connect to our feminine power? Especially for ladies the moon can be so useful. Learn to live with the moon, make these moments your moment each month. Next to the beautiful moments you create by this, it will give you beautiful things back.. I really experienced that. 

So.., Are you interested? Join the new moon / full moon ritual. Every month has a different meaning, with a different ritual. As the weather and seasons change, the astrology change and so is the moon changing each month in her power and what you can do with this.

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New moon Ritual: 20 June
Full moon Ritual: 5 July



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