Why meditation helps you to find your purpose in life

How to live life to the fullest?

Well it’s all about the choices that you make in life.. Cause life can be a fairytale you just need to create it yourself and start living it. I like to live life to the fullest… I like to explore the world and chase my dreams. It’s funny how life can change into a dream. Sometimes you don’t know the other life you were living did not suit you, but from the moment you change this it all becomes clear… Energy rushes through your body, the face can’t stop smiling, it’s like you fall in love with life and you don’t need sleep cause you can just keep on going from this energy. But how do you know if your doing what makes you truly happy? Well… Deep deep inside of you, you know… It’s just that you need to stop, sit down and listen to your inner voice, cause we all know it’s just hard to listen to this..

So probably you already felt this coming… That’s why people meditate!

Why? Sometimes we’re stuck in a situation and we actually know this already, we know we work too hard, we know if a friendship or relationship is actually not working anymore, but sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge. Because what if we listen…? That’s so scary! We keep on living this life and we might feel happy and good, but just sometimes this feeling comes up and we push it away. We find ways to make it better again. But probably sooner or later something will happen and it will change, only sometimes it’s too late..(burnouts-depressions-imsomnia). Once we made the decision we look back and think: “I actually already knew it deep deep inside of me”. Maybe we regret why we didn’t change this earlier, maybe not. If you meditate you come closer to this inner voice and you can decide whether you do something with this or not…

You are your own teacher, you just need to stop and listen. Sometimes we prefer to keep on running in life ‘busy jobs’, ‘seeing friends’, ‘getting lost in social media’. We don’t want to ‘waste time’ and meditate. While actually this is the way to find your path… your body and mind know what you want and need… Once you take the first step, the first decision things start to change. Old doors close, new doors open. Is this scary? Hell yes. There will be moments that you fall, the secure life changes for a will feel pain, you will feel lonely, you will feel scared. But you will feel a start to take a decision in life and change things will changea different way.Happiness is an inside job… Stay close to yourself, listen to your body, be healthy but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s all about balance. Sometimes it’s good to let go and have a less healthy day. As long as you feel good about it this won’t damage you. Just make sure you listen to what you need, nobody knows it better than you. Enjoy life, practice yoga, meditate, and learn new things. Never too old to learn something. Keep challenging yourself.