Home Retreat | Day 3

Goodmorning sunshine,

How are you feeling today? I am super happy you made it again. You can be proud of yourself. Doing this. Taking this time for yourself. 

Taking time for yourself is part of taking good care of your mental health. Which helps you to feel good in your body and mind. This is the start. We need to start with loving ourselves. We all want to be loved, we want people to see who we are, we want to hear that we do it well in life. And that’s absolutely normal, believe me!! We all have this. But… if you don’t love yourself people can tell you they love you the whole day, but you won’t hear them.

First love yourself.

And that’s what our focus will be today… Take your notebook and write the new sentence of the day in your notebook. 


Today I will be kind for myself, today I will love myself.

If you don’t love yourself, nobody can. That’s why you will focus on self-love today.

Repeat this phrase during this day. Be kind for yourself today, be gentle and soft.

Write down below this phrase why someone should love you

Today’s Yoga Flow: Opening the heart Vinyasa flow | 30 minutes

Let’s open the heart today, when we open the heart with yoga the energy can flow. Walking with your breast open to the world. A soft heart opening practice, are you ready? 

Exercise for today:

Let’s focus on some selflove. Fill the questions in, and just be kind for yourself today. Love starts with loving yourself


Chanting today

A 10 min heart warming chanting session, to open the heart and let the love flow in your body

Let’s retreat together. Share a snap during these 5 days Home Retreat tag me @laviederoosaparis Home Retreat – #rosieretreats #RosiesHomeRetreat. I will try to repost you all and create the feeling we are in this together.

Thank you for joining today!

Remember, try not to use your phone after 8.00 pm. Take a good night of sleep and I see you tomorrow.