Rosies Home Retreat 

Day 1 | Connect with your heart 

Goodmorning you,

I am so happy you are joining me. In this 3 days home retreat we will work towards the new moon. We will start with connecting to our heart. To  learn what we want, what we need and what we can to let go. We will flow, breathe, feel and smile.

Life is an adventure and the moment you realise you are not alone in this adventure, you can feel some togetherness. Its about realising that it’s okay to feel down and sad sometimes. When you learn what you need on the days that you feel sad. Knowing what you need can help you to get through it. But what helps even more, is being ahead of this. Creating a healthy routine for yourself. A morning routine, daily / by-daily movement. Yoga and meditation can help to release, to accept these feelings and let them go again. Next to yoga and meditation I love to dance, to focus on positive things and to use the power of nature.

So… Are you ready for the coming 3 days, in which we will do a little of everything? Yoga, meditation, dancing and healthy routines to help to train your mind. In addition we are preparing for the new moon that will take place 21 June. It’s a eclipse moon. In astrology they say that a moon eclipse make the moon even stronger. The eclipse opens the door to a new future.

Today’s sentence:

Today I am grateful for who I am, today I will embrace who I am, today I will love myself for who I am

Take your notebook, write this phrase. After writing the sentence, repeat the phrase 5 time out loud.

Morning ritual

When you start to bring a morning ritual into your life, it will help you to keep yourself in balance, to keep a healthy routine, to wake up each day taking a moment for yourself. It will change your day, your mood, your life. But its important to create a habit that sticks. Therefore, we will keep the same morning ritual for the coming 3 days. So remember this ritual and try to do this each morning.

Morning Cleaning

Pick a fixed time. Wake up daily at this time. Don’t snooze 😉 

Clean yourself: your body, your teeth, your tongue. 

Go to the toilet.

Morning Drink

After cleaning. Drink a glass of hot ginger with lemon

For today’s fire element, lets spice it up: add some turmeric or cayenne pepper.

Take your drink and a notebook, and write the phrase.

Movement & Meditation

Time for some movement and meditation.

If you make a habit, to start the day with this.

Can be short: 15-20 min workout | 5-10 min meditation.

Finish with a moment of gratitude.

Today’s Movement

A 40 minute vinyasa flow, to wake up, to release, to attract, to connect. Yoga can help to connect with your body. To connect to your heart and let your energy flow. Moving on the breathe, and breathe the positive energy into your body. “When you focus on the good, the good gets better” Today we will engage in a positive practice in which we will open the heart and open the hips. We will smile and let our heart smile. Are you ready?

Today’s Meditation 

Today’s meditation will help you to connect with your heart. Nowadays it can be difficult to make choices from our heart. Our mind is always on, we forget to feel what we need. We just do what we think is best. We make the choices with our mind instead of our heart. In this meditation we will connect to our heart chakra, which is the represented by the color green. We will release and connect to our desires. When you feel ready, find a quite place and get started ?.


Today's Practice

We will take a moment to open our heart for different reasons. We will forgive someone. It might feel hard to do this. But believe me, this will heal you! Especially if you want to attract dreams and live free and happy in your body. You need to be able to forgive and forget. 

.Todays exercise
1. Write a letter to someone that hurt you in your life. Write this person a positive framed letter. Find something to thank this person for. Try to make it a kind letter. I can understand that this can be challenging. Especially if this person has really hurt you. But try to pick someone that you find hard to be kind to. And write this person a letter to thank him/her.

2. Now also pick a person you really love to write a ‘thank you’ letter to. Write why you love this person. And be explicit about what you are grateful for.

Refreshing summer smoothie 

Green Smoothie

That looks so green… But believe me it is delicious? 

INGREDIENTS: 250ml oat milk(option: coconut water), 1 banana, 1/2 cup ice-cubs,  1/2 avocado, 1 scoop protein (optional vegan vanilla, optional mooring protein powder, 1 tsp coconut butter
(Do you like to have it more sweet? add 1/2 apple)

Mix all of those ingredients till it looks all smooth and drinkable? 

Toppings: hemp seeds

Fill you glass and enjoy your smoothie. Remember to chew, even when you drink a smoothie this is better for your digestive system.

Evening ritual

Creating an evening ritual can help you to sleep better. If you sleep well this helps to feel more positive during the day. Try the coming 3 days to sleep early, don’t use your phone after 8 pm. Drink an evening drink (see below) and finish your day with a Yoga Nidra practice. Also known as ‘sleep yoga’.

Evening Drink

Make yourself a cup of hot unsweetened almond milk.

Options to add: cinnamon or fennel or saffron or dates or a combination of them

This drinks is nurturing and delicious. Also helps to not touch the sweets.

Diary Time

Try to stop to use your phone / laptop after 8.00 pm

It will really benefit your sleep.

Take your delicious hot drink to bed and write in your notebook.

Write about how you feel, learned or liked today.

Sleep early

Make sure you go to bed early. Try to sleep before 10.00 pm.

Keep your room clean; its your temple.

It benefits your sleep to keep your room cool and really dark.