Food combination for Rules

  • Salads are cold and bitter – they weaken the digestion and so are eaten best at the end of the meal. Also better to not eat raw salads in the evening this can effect your sleep because its hard to digest.
  • Sweets should be limited in general, but if you eat them, do it before a meal or as a between meals snack, not as a dessert. Sweets are always digested first. Therefore if any other food is in your system, the body will then putrefy
  • Drinking only when thirsty. Drinking during or before food will weaken the digestion. Think of your belly as a fire, you will blush the fire. Which means you will stop the digestion.
  • Do not combine meat, fish, or eggs with milk, potatoes, nuts or bread/rice/grain
  • Do not combine dairy products with sour acidic fruit, meat or sit or bread/rice/grain
  • Do not eat sweets or drink fruit juice with salty foods or high protein food (meat, fish, nuts)
  • Eat fruit 1 hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Don’t combine it with food.


  • Eat slow
  • Eat when hungry – don’t forse to eat
  • Cooked oats with unsweetened almond milk make an excellent breakfast can make this sweet with dates
  • Cooked sweet potato with unsweetened almond milk