Rosies Home Retreat | Day 3

Goodmorning sunshine,

How are you feeling today? Close your eyes and take a moment to thank yourself. For taking this time for yourself, working on you body and mind.

Today we will focus on self-love. It all starts with loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself nobody else can. So.. are you ready to fill yourself up with self-love? 

Take your notebook to write today’s sentence in your notebook. 


Today I will be kind for myself, today I will love myself.

Repeat this phrase during the day. And whenever you think of this sentence,
just be happy with who you are and smile to yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, nobody can. It all starts with loving yourself. So, be kind, be gentle, be soft for yourself today:).


Today’s Yoga Flow: Opening the heart Vinyasa flow | 35 minutes

Let’s open the heart today, when we open the heart with yoga the energy can flow. I am still trying to get the best sound effect. Figuring out with a microphone what works best. I think this one is already getting better. Relax and enjoy with this soft heart opening practice, are you ready? 

Exercise for today:

Find yourself a quite place, take you notebook and answer the following question: 

Write a little love letter to yourself. Just be really generous with yourself. It can be a short letter. Just give yourself all the love and appreciation you would like to get, you would like other people to see in you.


Squat Challenge & Stretching

A 10 min work-out with stretching. If you follow my instagram you know what to do… Burn the booty while we dance. The perfect way to let go, to smile and feel positive. Dancing helps to feel the beauty of your own body. And the good side of being at home now, you don’t need to be ashamed!! SO.. let it go, dance it out and really be in the moment. You are beautiful just the way you are!!  

Let’s retreat together. Share a snap during these 5 days Home Retreat tag me @laviederoosaparis Home Retreat – #rosieretreats #RosiesHomeRetreat. I will try to repost you all and create the feeling we are in this together.

Thank you for joining today!

Remember, try not to use your phone after 8.00 pm. Take a good night of sleep and I see you tomorrow.