One of the most effective ways to make a change in your life and prevent imbalances is by creating positive and healthy daily routines that are the best suited to you specific constitution and lifestyle.

Your daily routine might involve cleaning your tongue upon waking, practice yoga or breath work, soothing your system periodically with a loving oil massage.

Within the body there is a rhythm, a natural basic rhythm, that governs our natural urges. Our natural urges are food, sex and sleep These are referred to as the three pillars of life. They can be seen as digestion, creativity and rest.

General Routine Example:

  • Waken just before sunrise to give the body a chance to harmonise with the rhythms of the sun- summer just before 5.00 am / winter just before 7.00
  • First thing you do is you go to the toilet and just take time to sit here and concentrate on you breath. Focus on the breath moving downwards
  • Scrape your tongue daily, back to front, 5-10 times to stimulate the digestive system and aid to removal of toxins
  • Drink cup of hot water with lemon &/or ginger or herbal tea
  • Take 5-10 or if possible 15-20 minutes to do some breath work and meditation in the morning
  • Brush teeth after meals
  • Practice – yoga – exercise – walking – biking
  • Massage your body every day: srub in the winter / ‘scrub old skin off prepare for new summer skin’ and balm your body with oil that is balanced for your constitution 
  • Go to bed before 10:00 pm – try to sleep at 11.00 pm