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Why 21 days?

They say, it only takes people 21-28 days to create a new habit. That’s why we will do different challenges of 21 days, this can be the perfect start of a new habit. An eye-opener or a lifestyle changer. If you are in the mood to continue with this new habit we ofcourse only hope you do. Studies have shown doing something 40 days in a row is even more powerful for the brain to really get into this new habit.

We will start with different challenges of 21 days, supporting each other on this page and on instagram and insta-stories. We will post little videos to inspire, support, and remind;) Don’t feel weak if you make a mistake in those days, just share it: we are all human and we go through the same so let’s help each-other right?!?

If you have ideas for the challenges please always tell us!!

Last year @laviederoosaparis did a plant-based challenge to dive into the plant-based food, she shared every meal on her insta-stories and after these 21 days she stayed plant-based for over 8 months. Therefore it can be a great start of a new lifestyle.

Next Challenge: 21 days sugar free
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