Find the tools to happiness

Cause happiness is an inside job. Especially in the craziness of the life nowadays where we get so many impulses, overload with work, stress, social media, food. It can hard to keep your body and mind in the right place. We tend to overwork, feel overwhelmed. It can be good to take a break and go on a retreat to get your energy back. But in the end it’s also about learning to keep this energy in a daily life.

Decide to be happy, learn to understand the bumps in the road, grow from them, focus on the good, let go of what’s gone, be grateful, be kind, learn from mistakes and stay positive, be responsible for your own happiness. All you can change is yourself, and the people around you will change with you. 

A happy mind and body. Is not something you find, it’s something you create. Some people are born with more happy hormones than others, but we can also make ourselves more happy with a better lifestyle. Just small steps will make a big difference. 

Find your tools here to keep your body and mind healthy. And don’t forget happiness is also fun… It’s not about restricting yourself from everything and only eat healthy food and meditate all day. It’s just about finding the little tools that will help you to get some light in your mind, to think more clear, to breath. So remember don’t be to hard on yourself, self love is also one of the things we tend to forget.

Let’s find some balance in ourselves, in our mind and body. Let the sun shine in your mind. Sometimes unpleasant things happen in your life that effect your happiness, also in this case. Once you learn to keep your own happiness it’s easier to handle the unpleasant things in life. Like stress at work, emotions and other things that can happen to you. 

Let me help you to find the happy vibes in you!