Rosies Home Retreat | Day 1

Goodmorning you!

I’m so happy you decided to join. The coming 5 days, we will focus on attracting positivity, shifting the mindset towards all the positive around us: the law of attraction. Are you ready for day 1?

Use a notebook for the daily tasks. Try to do all the exercises, believe me this will really make you feel better.


Today I will be grateful and focus on all the good that surrounds me 

Let’s start with writing this in your notebook. Below this sentence write 10 things that you are grateful for today.

Each day we will have a phrase of the day.

Today’s phrase will help you to train your mind to be grateful, to focus on all the good things that surround you.
While you repeat this sentence, think of the things you can be thankful for. When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

Today’s Yoga Flow: Vinyasa flow with short dance moment  | 40 minutes

Today we will practice 40 minutes. A vinyasa yoga flow with a short dance moment. This workout is perfect to start the day fresh and positive. Release any tightness, let your energy flow again and breathe the positive vibes in. So… Get dressed and ready to move your body. 

Exercise for today:

Take yourself for a walk as long as you have time. I’ve created a playlist for you. Listen to my playlist or listen to the music of nature. Open your eyes to see the beauty that surrounds you.: look at the tree’s, the sky, smell the air. Just really feel alive and here in the now. If you dare… even dance a bit :p.

If you are in full isolation. Listen to this playlist: lay on the ground close your eyes and dream about places and moments that make you smile. Breath this feeling in.

Meditation for today

A short 10 minute meditation, to relax breath and just be. The first 2 minutes is introduction, you can skip this if you know about meditation:) This meditation can be done any time of the day.

Let’s retreat together. Share a snap during these 5 days Home Retreat tag me @laviederoosaparis Home Retreat – #rosieretreats #RosiesHomeRetreat. I will try to repost you all and create the feeling we are in this together.

Thank you for joining today!

Remember, try not to use your phone after 8.00 pm. Take a good night of sleep and I see you tomorrow.