Rosies Home Retreat | Day 2

A new day…

To start this new home retreat day, where you actually retreat yourself a bit:)!! Let’s close our eyes, and just breath in and out 5 times through your nose. Before you continue reading, observing how you feel…How is your mind and mood?

Now… Take your notebook and write the new sentence of the day in your notebook. 


Today we focus on attracting our dreams

Do you have a dream? Things you would like to have more of? Maybe you want to attract love in your life or if you have love but you want more love, more happiness, a job or happiness in your job, more friends, a nice house, children, money, more peace in your mind, more adventure, less adventure… As you can see it can go everywhere. You can think of things you want to attract, but also love, feelings, emotions, people, travel. Just think of the dream life and this is what we will attract.

Repeat this phrase during this day. Whenever you think of the phrase today, just think of the things you want to attract, shortly doing this will already make a difference.


Today’s Yoga flow: 15 minutes yoga, 15 minutes workout  | 30 minutes

Today we will practice 30 minutes. A combination of yoga and work-out. Let’s do this!! 

Exercise for today:

Describe what your dreamlife would look like. What do you hope to have in your life? What would make you more happy?

I recommend to first do the visualization meditation. After this write in your notebook what your dreamlike would look like. Be really specific. If you like creativity, you can also paint or draw. Otherwise write down what you want, how it looks, how you feel. 

The moment we have a dream, a vision of where we want to go, where we see ourselves in the future, we can create future simulations that can help you improving your goals. Also using simulation can improve to achieve your dreamlife. When we moment you see this in front of you. You know more where to work for. You will make decisions based on your dreams. This will help you to also attract what you want.


Visualisation Meditation for today

Find a comfortable place, lay down. And join this 18 minute meditation. Be open, be free and see what your dreamlike looks like. This will help achieving your goals.

Let’s retreat together. Share a snap during these 5 days Home Retreat tag me @laviederoosaparis Home Retreat – #rosieretreats #RosiesHomeRetreat. I will try to repost you all and create the feeling we are in this together.

Thank you for joining today!

This is all you need to do on day to. A little reminder to do: write in your book how you feel after this day 2.

Remember, try not to use your phone after 8.00 pm. Take a good night of sleep and I see you tomorrow.