What is Yoga?

If you think about yoga, you probably think about the yoga practice. About a group of people in difficult poses, one more flexible than the other. Some funky music on the background, and in this crazy pose the teacher tells you ‘relax’.

Let me tell you something… Yoga is not the practice. Of course the practice is part of it. But if you look what yoga is, it is everything. It’s how you act in a daily life. How you treat other people. How you treat yourself. It’s just that yoga leans us to breath in our life. To help us to keep the breath going when something difficult happens. Its just that we live in such a crazy world nowadays that we forget to breath in all the stress moments. We react out of stress, to ourselves and to others.

Just think of a yoga practice where the teacher brings you in a crazy pose and tells you to keep breathing. They say; “breath and relax”
While you probably think: “Relax? Relax? RELAX???”

Well we’ve all been there… believe me, I even thought “WHAT?!?!?” in my teacher training when I was standing in my downdog and the teacher said; “this pose is gonna feel like your relaxation pose “ehhhhhhh….I’m sorry? I think I did not hear well what you just said…?!?!?”

 So actually yoga is not the practice you do on your mat, it’s what you take with you in daily life, into the world. So don’t blame yourself when you forgot to do your practice, this is not what you need. If you don’t feel good or you can’t make it to a practice, just sit down take a moment to do some breath work, a little meditation and just be in the state of a yogi during the day. It’s not that you become ‘more yogi’ when you do a handstand, the moment that you act like a yogi in daily life. That’s when you are practicing well:)

It’s just the practice that helps you to maintain this vibe.