5 days | Pregnancy Home Retreat

Connect & Feel

To all the mommies to be,

So happy you came here to join my pregnancy home retreat.
If you don’t know me yet. My name is Roos and I am pregnant. Yaaaayyy.
It’s gonna be a girl. Also this is my first pregnancy and it’s such a beautiful experience so far already.
(with some emotional moments, lots of nausea at the beginning, tiredness, weird cravings and laziness)

Why join? Making a baby is such a beautiful and powerful yet can be emotional period. You are creating a human, your body is working so so hard. Therefore you need to be very kind for yourself. If you talk nice to you, your baby will feel these good vibes. So much is gonna change and is already changing. You can feel nauseous, tired, sad, happy, grateful, sometimes it can feel difficult to see your body is changing. For me, I feel the body change is beautiful. I can stand in front of the mirror and only smile towards my body. To see the change, knowing my little baby is inside. Yet it can be hard to accept this. Therefore join. Also, duo to your daily life you might not have time to tune in enough. So join the retreat to really connect and feel this pregnancy, to feel your baby in your belly.

If you feel a bit lazy, I know the feeling. This will help you: creating a new routine. Bringing the movement into your daily life. Which will also help you after giving birth.

Daily you receive an email with a link to that days program. This program will be a combination with workouts, yoga, dancing and meditations, singing and little exercises to connect with your baby.

5 days | Pregnancy Home Retreat
€35,- | First retreats I will host for FREE 
Join with a friend, do this together. Let’s connect in this magical time of our life. Getting into good vibes. 


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