Rosies Home Retreat | Day 4

Goodmorning sunshine,

How are you feeling today? Did you join the full moon ritual yesterday? If not you can still do this today. To let go what you want to release. I’m so happy and grateful you are joining to train the mind and body with me. To feel more positive. 

Today we will learn to give unconscious love. But first, feel the power in you. Through a 20 minutes workout combined with stretching and breathing at the end. Are you ready?


Today I will give unconditionally love to others 

Write this phrase in your notebook. Repeat this phrase during this day.

Let’s spread the love, let’s be kind for each-other. Do this without expecting it back from others, but know you will get this back, someday.

Yesterday we focused on loving ourselves, the love came from us to us. Today we will spread some love from our hearts to other peoples hearts. 


Today’s work out: 36 min: 20 minutes full body workout | 16 minutes stretching & breathing  

A full body workout, to sweat and burn it out. I love combining yoga, dancing, working out. Are you ready for the workout? We finish with some stretching.To release the tension in your muscles. (still working on getting the best sound). Okay… Get ready to move your body. 

Exercise for today:

Exchange: give what you want to receive today. But remember this in general, if you want to receive something from someone, start to give this to that person yourself. Sometimes we hope to get something, but actually we don’t give this to the other person either. So I’m not talking about pleasing.

Exercise of the day: do something kind for someone. Maybe you send someone a nice message, clean something in the house, help someone with something. Do this without expecting anything back, just observe how you feel when you give someone your love, unconditionally. The moment you give without expecting it back, it will come back to you automatically. Spread the love!

Meditation for today: Chanting

Open your heart and follow the music and sing. Don’t worry about the sound or if you do it right. Just listen and follow. We will chant a really powerful mantra “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha“. The song is in hindu and used to inspire transformation. “I offer my salutations and bow to you.” 

A recipe for today or tomorrow

Banana Oat Bake:

Some food to nurture your body and mind. It’s super easy to make, delicious and healthy.

The kitchen will smell like fresh baked cake.. 

 oat flakes, any kind of plant-based milk (almond, oats, coconut, rice, soy), 1 banana
**Extra’s** : raisins, almond-butter. pumpkin seeds

How to make this?
It’s a delicious Saturday morning breakfast dish, cause it makes the house smell like pie!!
So do the first preparation already today. (takes a very short time, also good for during the week: prepare the evening)
Add 65 g oat-flakes in 125ml almond milk, mix 1/2 banana slices and some raisins in a bowl (extra option add a little bit of almond-butter).
Put something over the bowl and leave it in the fridge during the night.

When you wake up just switch on your oven on 185 degree and place the bowl in the oven for 30 min. In the meantime you can get ready, enjoy the smell of the house and your breakfast is getting ready for you…

After 30 min check if the top is a bit golden brown, if so take the baked-oats out of the oven. Even make this more delicious by adding some almond butter on top and enjoy your delicious breakfast

Thank you for joining today!

Remember, try not to use your phone after 8.00 pm. Take a good night of sleep and I see you tomorrow.



My meditation music

Let’s retreat together. Share a snap during these 5 days Home Retreat tag me @laviederoosaparis Home Retreat – #rosieretreats #RosiesHomeRetreat. I will try to repost you all and create the feeling we are in this together.