Yeeey!! Welcome to this months challenge the 21 days no-sugar challenge:)

We are super happy that you are joining this no-sugar challenge, and well done you!! The start to a more happy and healthy life!

So you can already be proud of yourself for the fact that you are willing to try this, being conscious about what you put into your body (and mind).

We will make it a fun challenge, and before you know it it is over. And let’s see how you feel after these 21 days, as far as I know I’ve heard only positive benefits from stopping to eat sugar. From what I’ve heard people experienced: better skin, better mood, less energy-dips, less belly fat, feeling more in shape. Next to this, you start to appreciate the taste of the real food, cause sugar can make everything taste nice. It just covers the real taste.

And who knows… maybe you feel so good and used to the new way of eating that you start a new habit: eating less sugar.

So to join the challenge and get all the motivational support, you just have to hit the button to join. 

Cause we will share little stories about sugar, inspiring posts, motivating content. Such as, recipes, little videos, support, nice facts and so on:)

Are you ready?! Let’s get this challenge started!

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Monday 16 september – Sunday 6 October

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