Rosies Home Retreat | Day 5

Be the sunshine!

You made it to day 5. How are you feeling today? I hope you already got a little bit of the taste of my retreats, and this hopefully helped you to feel more positive. To focus on the good, causeeeeee.. when you you focus on the good the good gets better.

Happiness is something you can create, it’s of course easier to say than do. Sometimes life puts you in really difficult positions, so it’s not always easy to feel happy. And you don’t need to be constantly happy. It’s just nice to train your mind focusing on the positive, and embracing who you are.


Today I will smile towards the world and believe that I can create the life that I want 

Write this phrase in your notebook. Repeat this phrase during this day.

A day to see the beauty in everything, to feel grateful for what you have, to feel love for the people surrounding you, to love yourself for who you are today. To believe you can make your dreams come true, you can be who you want to be.


Today’s Yoga Flow: 45 minutes vinyasa practice 

Today’s flow we will move the body on the breath and on the music. Are you ready to move and feel the positive vibes? Enjoy!

Exercise for today:

Take your notebook, find yourself a quite place. Write down how you experienced these days. How did you feel working on yourself. The combination of workouts, the breathing, the focusing on the positive around you, on gratitude, on loving yourself, loving others. Just write down for you.


Meditation for today:

Meditate with me to the sound of the waves. Find yourself a quite place, breathe and feel like if you are with me at the ocean. We will meditate in silence, to start to learn sitting still and just breathe. So are you ready? Close your eyes and open your heart to the healing power and of the waves & ocean.

A recipe for today or tomorrow

Banana Bread Pie:

Starting the day with a piece of pie… Did you know they also call bananas the happymood fruit? Apparently bananas help you to feel good. Makes this cake even better, so whats in it?

3/4 medjool dates, 3 ripe bananas, 8 walnuts, 200gr almond-flour or 1 cup oatflakes, 100 ml unsweetened almondmilk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp cardamom, 2 tsp flaxseeds, 1/2 tsp salt, baking-paper. Find a round cake bake form and fill this with baking paper. Prehead the oven on 200C.

Let’s start: mix the following ingredients: almond-flour, 1/2 cup of the oatflakes or almond flour, cinnamon, cardamom, flaxseed and almondmilk. Add more ingredients to the bowl: 2 medjool dates, 3 bananas, salt mix all. The mixing is finished. Add the first layer of the mixture to a cake bake. When the bottom is filled with the mixture spread some banana slices and date pieces, walnuts into the mixture. Again add the rest if the mixture to the cake bake. Almost done… place the banana cake bread in the oven and wait for 50 minutes. After 45 -50 minutes check if the top is gold brown, otherwise keep it in the oven a bit longer.  Extra options: Serve your banana-bread pie with some fresh fruit and almond-butter.

ENJOY your healthy CAKE!

Thank you for joining my free Home Retreat

I hope you liked it and hopefully this helped you also in feeling a bit happier in your mind. Do you want more? I am organising another Home Retreat, with daily recipes, daily yoga, meditation, food advice. We go a bit deeper. This one starts 4-8 November. If you want to reserve a spot, hit the bottom below:)

Be the sunshine.